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Video interviewing made simple

Invite people to answer your questions with their webcam,
recorded spontaneously in one shot.
Anywhere. Anytime.

Start video interviewing in minutes

InterviewApp is a very user-friendly tool. In less than 90 seconds, create your recruiter's account and send your first one-way video interview to your candidates!

Attract talents with a branded experience

Strengthen your employer brand, using a customized video interview interface. In just a few clicks, let your candidates enter your company's universe.

Get insight into personalities

InterviewApp is for you the chance to get a deeper insight into who your candidates are, beyond their resumes. The best way to select talents.

Play, pause & skip

Streamline your recruitment process by viewing, rating and sharing one-way video interviews, anytime. Screen more people in less time, from any device. InterviewApp is a huge time-saver.

More than 1,000 companies use InterviewApp

Discover their success stories